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    Speakeasy [Hearts] Adventurous Kate

    Speakeasy [Hearts] Adventurous Kate

    Kate McCulley is an OG. She's been helping women travel better since 2010, when she started a blog, quit her job, and set off for the world. 

    Since then, Kate's traveled to 70 countries and her blog, Adventurous, has become one of the world's top websites specializing in solo and independent female travel. And in June, she was named one of the world's 10 most influential travelers by Forbes. 

    We love Kate's blog and follow along daily on her adventures at home in New York City and on the road via her Instagram at @adventurouskate.

    This isn't our first adventure with Kate. We've actually had a few, including a lively night of wine tasting at an Italian agriturismo. But launching our first signature travel scarf collection with her is our coolest so far.

    Adventurous Kate McCulley exploring Brooklyn, New York, with her Speakeasy Secret Pocket Scarf.

    Beth and I are so excited about these scarves--they are not only beautiful and functional but Kate personally hand picked the fabrics herself!

    The Adventurous Kate Melbourne Scarf is a perfect everyday scarf - soft, cool to the touch and the gorgeous color scheme literally goes with EVERYTHING.

    Adventurous Kate McCulley Melbourne Travel Scarf-Speakeasy Travel Supply

    While the Adventurous Kate Black/Neon scarf is in very limited quantity so if you like it - snag it fast! [SOLD OUT]

    Adventurous Kate McCulley Travel Scarf-Speakeasy Travel SupplyFor the launch, Kate and photographer Dani Heinrich of Globetrotter Girls took to the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the first run of the Adventurous Kate Collection. We love how the photos came out. They captured the essence of the scarves perfectly.

    Adventurous Kate McCulley-Secret-Pocket-Travel-Scarf-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-New York City-1

    Adventurous Kate McCulley Travel Scarf-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-New York City-2

    Adventurous Kate McCulley-Hidden Pocket Travel Scarf-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-New York City-1

    Adventurous Kate McCulley using her Speakeasy Secret Pocket Scarf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    Adventurous Kate traveling with her Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    Kate's a remarkable woman. Be sure to visit her website to learn more about her and get some excellent tips for traveling the world. This girl is a legit globetrotter!

    Summer's Hot. Stay Cool with Our New Summer Travel Scarves!

    Summer's Hot. Stay Cool with Our New Summer Travel Scarves!

    Well, it's official, the dog days of summer are here. Our pups love soaking up the sun and so do we on summer hikes around town and in the mountains. 

    That's why we're so excited to add more scarves to our soft and lightweight Summer Rayon Collection. (I wish I had one when this picture was taken last year in Boston, as our scarves are great for storing dog treats.) Our Rayon Travel Scarves are cool to the touch and perfect for summer and warm destinations; They're sure to make a splash on your next adventure. 

    A traveler wearing his Speakeasy secret pocket scarf while hiking in Massachusetts.

    Upcoming Pop-Up Dates

    We'll be in Boston this weekend at the Greenway on Saturday, July 22. Drop by and say hi! We'd love to connect with you. 

    First Look Release: Summer '17 + Mother's Day Sale

    First Look Release: Summer '17 + Mother's Day Sale

    We've got a lot of awesome fabrics and prints for our upcoming summer collection. In fact, we're so excited about the launch we decided to do a first-look release of three of our new lightweight summer scarves, just in time for Mother's Day.

    Traveling moms love our secret pocket scarves. They provide a stylish way to keep valuables safe, plus make it easy to go hands free on local adventures with kids and dogs.

    To celebrate Mother's Day, we're offering a 15% online code. Just use THANKSMOM at checkout to receive the discount. (Not valid with any other discounts.) 

    This weekend we'll be setting up shop at one of Boston's best markets. We'll be at the SOWA market on Sunday, May 7. So, if you're around the city this weekend, stop by and say hi.

    Save BIG with the Scarf of the Day

    Save BIG with the Scarf of the Day

    We're celebrating Spring Travel by offering one of our favorite travel scarves at a deep discount each day. We call it our Scarf of the Day! Quantities are limited so be sure to check back daily.

    All of our scarves are handmade in the USA by travelers for travelers and feature a secure, secret pocket with self-locking zippers. Soda Springs Brick Red is the Scarf of the Day for 5/6.  This gorgeous sweater knit is a the perfect way to add a classic yet modern flair to your look. Get yours today for $39.99, that's a savings of $15!

    Vegas Baby! We're Scouring Sin City for New Fabrics

    Vegas Baby! We're Scouring Sin City for New Fabrics

    Beth and I just arrived in Las Vegas to find new fabrics for our travel scarves!

    It’s strange to be excited about a fabric sourcing convention, but we are stoked. We’ve learned a lot about textiles in the last three years since launching our first scarf collection, so we’re thrilled at the prospect of having access to the best fabric suppliers in the world. 

    Our goal has always been to expand our secret pocket scarf collection to include varying styles at different price points for whatever adventure awaits. As travelers we know firsthand the importance of having a safe and secure place to stash your valuables while out in the world, which is why we want to put one of our handmade travel scarves in the hands of as many travelers possible. And the first step towards completing that goal starts with this trip to Sin City. 

    Want to follow along on our Las Vegas journey? We’ll be sharing highlights and new fabric ideas all week on Facebook and Instagram.