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    We Make Quality Goods For Curious People.

    We're travelers just like you. We know the importance of having high quality travel goods when you're out on the road. We pride ourselves on making quality products that will last you for many adventures to come.

    All our goods have to meet certain criteria before we ship it out to you:

    1. All of our scarves come with self locking zippers and all of our pockets are double stitched or serged for maximum durability. Zippers stay closed when zipped up so your stuff won't fall out, and all our pockets are super secure so they stay in place. 

    2. Our infinity design is specifically made so that you won't lose your scarf if running to catch a plane, train or automobile. Our infinity design takes this worry out of the equation because that would be a major bummer if your phone or passport was in there! 

    3. We source a variety of fabrics to meet all travelers needs. Going to Antartica? The Polar Explorer is a custom scarf we can make to keep you super warm and keep all your memory cards on hand for taking all those cute penguin photos. Going to Thailand? We've got ultra light scarves with a built in cool-to-the-touch feel so you can still stay secure in hot weather without overheating. We are *crazy* about only choosing high quality fabrics that stand the test of time, are easy to wash and are super comfortable and soft. 

    4. We create heirloom quality scarves that you can take with you everywhere around the world. We want them to last. When you come back to buy another scarf from us we want it to be because you want a new color or design, not because your other scarf stopped working. We do not want you stranded at midnight at a foreign bus station missing the last bus of the night because your passport and money got trapped in your scarf and you couldn't buy your ticket. We want you on the bus and able to sleep knowing that your goods are secure in your scarf and that no one on the bus will even think that you have anything hidden in your scarf. Who knows - maybe you'll even arrive at your destination refreshed after a few hours of sleep! 

    5. Our pockets are designed to flawlessly disguise your hidden goods - that's the point right?!? Thwart would be pickpockets, fearlessly ride foreign transportation, volunteer in third world countries or dance your heart out at an all night discotheques across the world - wherever you go and whatever you do, you can be confident that your Speakeasy travel scarf has your most important valuables hidden safely and fashionably in a spot that no one would suspect! 

    Our scarves are made for travelers by travelers. We think the only thing on your mind should be enjoying new experiences, so we make sure that each one can stand up to the rigors of a life on the road.

    Try one - you will love it. They make traveling smart, safe and a breeze (pop your boarding tickets in there and you'll cruise through the airport) and they are perfect for day to day hands free life at home too. Travel with one once and you'll never travel without it again.

    Looking for something you don't see here? We also have a TON of new & unique fabric in our studio so please contact us so we can help you create the perfect custom scarf! We respond quickly to emails. 

    If you need a rush for a trip, please let me know if advance so we can make it happen.

    Do you want to see how our travel scarves work? Check out this brief video to see it in action!