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At Speakeasy, We Make Quality Goods For Curious People.

We are the creators and original makers of the hidden pocket travel scarf! Necessity is the mother of invention and we were full time travelers before creating this product. We created it to solve a lot of the issues we were having on the road due to the lack of secure pockets in clothing, especially women's clothing. 

You can learn more about us but if you're looking to learn more about our scarves and our process then this page is for you! 


  • FABRICS: I can't lie - OUR FABRICS ARE AMAZING! Simply put, we are self proclaimed fabric snobs here at Speakeasy Travel Supply and we are *crazy* about only choosing high quality fabrics for our scarves. These fabrics are super comfortable and soft and stand the test of time! We source a wide array of stunning fabrics that are not only beautiful but also meet a variety of needs. Live in or visiting a warm climate? Check out our lightweight scarves with a built in cool-to-the-touch feel so you can still stay secure in hot weather without overheating. We also have mid-weight, heavyweight and organic, hemp and bamboo scarves! Most of our fabric is also OEKO-TEX® Certified meaning it is made without the use of any harmful chemicals - better for you and the environment! Feel free to look at all our Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves and for more information on our fabrics check out the Which Scarf Is Right For Me? page to learn which might best suit your needs. 
  • ZIPPERS: The zipper is so important to the form and function of our product and that's why all of our scarves come with self locking zippers! This means your zipper will stay zipped. It won't accidentally unzip on you leaving your valuables strewn across the subway or street! YOUR STUFF STAYS SAFE!  Did I mention we hand test Every. Single. Zipper? It's true! Before a zipper can even have the pleasure of being installed in a Speakeasy scarf it has to pass muster! This means it has to be easy to use and zip/unzip smoothly. If you follow us on instagram you may have seen 'Zipper Days' in action - this is when everyone at work is testing zippers! We overbuy zippers by the truck load because you would not believe how many we throw away because they don't zip/unzip smoothly! 
  • POCKETS: Our pockets are designed to flawlessly disguise your hidden goods - that's the point right?!? All our pockets are discreet yet secure and they are built into the scarves so they stay in place. We use lightweight, soft fabrics for our pockets that come in a variety of patterns. The patterns are not only help you spot your items easily but are also a fun and cute surprise!   Our pockets are also sewn with 4 separate threads for maximum durability so you don't need to worry about a thread popping and your items spilling into the other areas of the scarf. 

  • DESIGN: We specifically use an infinity design on all our scarves so that you won't lose your scarf when running to catch a plane, train or automobile. This has happened to us with conventional, non-pocketed scarves and it's always a disappointment to discover you've lost your scarf long after its happened. It would quickly go from disappointment to tragedy if that scarf had a pocket carrying your important items. Our infinity design means this will never happen to you! You can keep your goods as safe as possible and  close to your body knowing your scarf will never accidentally drift off you. 
  • OUR STUDIO: We are a small, family run team located in beautiful Osterville Village which is located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We take tremendous pride in our scarves and products. All our scarves are American made and we are in charge of every single aspect of this business from ideation, design and creation to quality control and shipping. We are 100% woman owned too! All our scarves are QC'd individually at our studio before shipping to make sure you receive a quality item.
  • OUR PROMISE: We create heirloom quality scarves that you can take with you everywhere. We want them to last. When you come back to buy another scarf from us we want it to be because you want a new color or design, not because your other scarf stopped working. And if we miss something (we are human after all) please let us know so we can warmly make it right for you. 

  • MADE FOR TRAVELERS, BY TRAVELERS: Thwart would be pickpockets, fearlessly ride transportation, volunteer your time or dance your heart out at an all night discotheques across the world. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you can be confident that your Speakeasy Travel Scarf has your most important valuables hidden safely and fashionably in a spot that no one would suspect! We think the only thing on your mind should be enjoying new experiences, so we make sure that each one can stand up to the rigors of a life on the road.

Do you want to see how our travel scarves work? Check out this brief video to see it in action! 


 Try one and you will love it! They make traveling smart, safe and a breeze (pop your boarding tickets in there and you'll cruise through the airport). Travel with one once and you'll never travel without it again.

And our scarves are so useful at home too! Perfect for your phone, glasses, wallet, snacks, dog treats, prescriptions, masks and flasks! They can fit a LOT!