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We have a lot of different choices in fabric here at Speakeasy and it can be a bit confusing figuring out which type of scarf is best for your lifestyle or destination.

Most of our awesome customers like to search by fabric weight so I have divided our scarves up into a few different categories:  Lightweight, Medium Weight and Heavy Weight.

Additionally, I have added some high quality fabrics with sustainability in mind to better serve our customers. These include:  

Organic, Hemp, Bamboo Scarves

100% Cotton Scarves

OEKO-TEX® Certified Scarves - These scarves are made without the use of any chemicals! Look in each scarf listing for this designation. 

Our hemp and bamboo fabrics are also unique because they have temperature controlling features built into the fabrics. This means they will cool you when it's warm and warm you when it's cool. 


Shop Our Lightweight Scarves:

Lightweight scarves are very popular with our customers and some of our best sellers are in this category! 

We have three types of lightweight scarves:

  • 100% Rayon
  • 100% Cotton
  • Rayon/Cotton Blend

A Little About Rayon: Rayon is a fabric that is derived from wood. It is very, very soft and feels great on. Everyone in our studio loves working with rayon because it is so airy and soft. It feels amazing on.

Rayon also comes with one really awesome added benefit: Because it is made from wood pulp, it has a built in cooling effect to it. You will be able to feel immediately that the scarf is cool to the touch! And if you are somewhere warm and then move into a cold spot (i.e. an air conditioned restaurant) you will feel the scarf get increasingly cooler.

Our customers swear by these scarves when they live in or travel to warm destinations like Florida, Egypt, Mexico, India, Southeast Asia, Arizona, etc. 

These scarves can be worn all year but they won't warm you up in winter so don't pick this type scarf if you're headed on a skiing trip!

They are also useful tools for anyone going through hot flashes, whether from menopause or chemotherapy. Some people have put an ice pack in the pocket and then position the pocket to the back of their neck for an instant cool down from a hot flash. 

Pick a lightweight scarf if: You live in a hot environment, are traveling to a hot environment or your body temperature runs hot.


Shop Our Mid-Weight Scarves:

Think Spring and Fall for this category. Our medium weight fabrics can go pretty much anywhere! Many of our mid weight scarves will be similar in weight to a pair of well loved yoga pants - they'll be heavier than a tee shirt but lighter than a cardigan. 

These scarves are going to be made from soft, comfy blended fabrics that could include cotton, spandex, rayon, polyester, lycra, etc. They are usually made either from jersey knit or sweater knit fabric and many of our bamboo fabrics are also found in this category.

Pick a mid weight scarf if: You live in a moderate environment, are traveling to a moderate environment or you want an easy going scarf that can go pretty much anywhere. 


Shop Our Heavyweight Scarves:

Think hygge! This category of scarves is where you'll find the ultra warm, super cozy and heavier fabrics. Fleece, minky, flannels, heavy jersey and sweater knits - you'll find them all here! 

Some of these fabrics will be blends but many will be 100% polyester (fleece & minky) or 100% cotton (flannel). These are the fabrics you want to pick if you are looking for something warm and cozy to keep you insulated from the cold. They are suitable for anyone in cold climates or anyone that can't stay warm enough. 

Pick a heavy weight scarf if: You live in a cold environment, are traveling to a cold environment or your body temperature runs very cold. 

I started creating these scarves because as a travel blogger I always had the need for a safe space for my passport. I hated money belts but I always traveled with at least one scarf and after a while I discovered it would be the perfect hiding place! Because I travel constantly for work I really care about quality I am consistently sourcing materials that ensure each Speakeasy Scarf is a high quality product that is made to stand up to a life on the road and also is the perfect fabric for specific lifestyles and destinations so you can pick the best scarf to suit either your home climate or the destination you are traveling to.

We want you to not only keep your items safe but also look great doing it and that's why there's Speakeasy scarf made for every climate!

What do I travel with? I consistently travel with one or two lightweight scarves and also a medium weight scarf.