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    We have a lot of different choices in fabric here at Speakeasy and it can be a bit confusing figuring out which type of scarf is best for your lifestyle or destination.

    To make things easier I have divided our scarves up into three categories: Lightweight, Medium Weight and Heavy Weight.

    Lightweight Scarves

    Lightweight scarves are made of our special rayon fabrics. They are either a rayon jersey or a rayon/cotton blend. They will never have polyester or wool in them because these materials will immediately add warmth to a fabric.

    Rayon is a fabric that is actually derived from wood. It is very, very soft and feels great on. The rayon also comes with an added benefit: It has a built in cooling effect to it. You can feel that the scarf is in fact cool to the touch. That means these scarves will not heat you up but in fact keep you a bit cooler. Scarves in this category are perfect for anyone traveling to warm destinations.

    Because these fabrics are also lightweight they will fall closer to the body when you wear them.

    That means if you're headed to Southeast Asia, India, Mexico, the Caribbean or anywhere at all that is hot this is the fabric for you! These scarves can be worn all year but will not be recommended if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in a very cold environment. Don't pick this scarf if you're headed to Antarctica! 

    Pick a lightweight scarf if: You live in a hot environment, are traveling to a hot environment or your body temperature runs hot.

    Medium Weight Scarves

    Medium weight fabric could be made from: rayon, cotton, polyester, lycra and spandex and it will provide a bit of warmth. Some of these fabrics are medium in weight or they may be light in weight. If it is a light weight fabric but it has polyester in it I will categorize it as a medium weight because it will warm you up if you wear it, even though it may look like a light/thin fabric.

    For instance we may fall in love with a lightweight rayon/polyester blend fabric and stock it because it's beautiful. It may be very light weight in terms of thickness but because it has polyester in the mix I will automatically put it in this category because the polyester will cancel out the cooling effect of rayon, therefore making this scarf warmer and not necessarily best for hot destinations, even though it is still light in weight.

    Our medium weight scarves are made either from Jersey or Sweater Knit fabric.

    Pick a medium weight scarf if: You live in a moderate environment, are traveling to a moderate environment or you want a scarf that has a bit more heft to it. Don't pick a medium weight scarf if you are going to a hot or humid environment and want to wear your scarf every day, it will most likely be too warm.

    Heavy Weight Scarves

    I reserve this category for specifically heavy fabrics. Again these fabrics could be blends containing rayon, cotton, polyester, lycra or spandex but these fabrics will all be a heavy weight and bulky. This is the scarf you want to pick if you are looking for something to warm you up and keep you insulated from the cold. They are suitable for anyone in cold climates and could be made from fleece, very thick jersey or heavy sweater knit fabrics.

    That means if you're headed to Antarctica, Iceland, Nordic Countries, Russia, Alaska or anywhere with plenty of snow and low temperatures this is the type of scarf to pick.

    Pick a heavy weight scarf if: You live in a cold environment, are traveling to a cold environment or your body temperature runs very cold. Don't pick this scarf if you live or are traveling to a moderate or warm destination - it will be most likely be too much fabric and will be too warm for daily wear.

    I started creating these scarves because as a travel blogger I always had the need for a safe space for my passport. I hated money belts but I always traveled with at least one scarf and after a while I discovered it would be the perfect hiding place! Because I travel constantly for work I really care about quality I am consistently sourcing materials that ensure each Speakeasy Scarf is a high quality product that is made to stand up to a life on the road and also is the perfect fabric for specific destinations. That's why I have three weight categories - so you can pick the kind that will best scarf to suit either your home climate or the destination you are traveling to.

    We want you to not only keep your items safe but also look great doing it and that's why there's Speakeasy scarf made for every climate!

    What do I travel with? I consistently travel with one or two lightweight scarves and also a medium weight scarf.