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New for Fall: A Travel Scarf for Everywhere

New for Fall: A Travel Scarf for Everywhere

The mornings are crisp, so much so, that our dogs--normally early risers--now sleep late, buried underneath their blankets and sleeping bag. Outside our bedroom window, the trees are flying yellow, red and orange leaves. And just down the street, misfit pumpkins dot the green rolling fields.

It can all only mean one thing: Fall is here once again! And, this autumn, we've got a hidden zipper pocket scarf for every journey. Whether you are cafe hopping in St. Petersburg, Russia, or picking apples in a New England orchard, we've got a fall travel scarf for you. 

Monterey Bay - Lightweight Secret Pocket Travel Scarf

Belmont - Rayon Jersey Secret Pocket Travel Scarf

Aspen - Autumn Secret Pocket Travel Scarf

 With a travel scarf for everywhere, the only question now is where will you go this fall?  


Save BIG with the Scarf of the Day

Save BIG with the Scarf of the Day

We're celebrating Spring Travel by offering one of our favorite travel scarves at a deep discount each day. We call it our Scarf of the Day! Quantities are limited so be sure to check back daily.

All of our scarves are handmade in the USA by travelers for travelers and feature a secure, secret pocket with self-locking zippers. Soda Springs Brick Red is the Scarf of the Day for 5/6.  This gorgeous sweater knit is a the perfect way to add a classic yet modern flair to your look. Get yours today for $39.99, that's a savings of $15!

Fall 2016 Collection In Stock + Save 10% Now!

Fall 2016 Collection In Stock + Save 10% Now!

We’ve always been infatuated with the great American West. There’s an awakening that occurs when you venture from the highway into the empty spaces of the Wild West for the first time. A normally silent wind can sound like a freight train swirling around your head as you look out from a vista towards the horizon. With no noise from the highway, city or even your neighbors, you’re free to be wild again.
For our 2016 Fall Collection—Home on the Range—we set out to capture the restless spirit of the American West.Two-tone and oh so gorgeous, Home on the Range, is our most stunning collection of secret pocket infinity scarves yet. 

To celebrate our new collection, we're having a Fall Flash Sale.For the next 72 hours, take 10% off of our entire store. (Discount cannot be used with our two and four pack bundles.) Use FALL10 at checkout to take advantage of this special offer.

Red plaid infinity loop scarf with secret zippered pocket.

Black Hills

Blue plaid infinity loop pocket scarf.


Yellow Plaid Secret Pocket Infinity Loop Scarf with Passport in the Zippered Pocket.


Which scarf is your favorite?