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        News — media mentions

        Our Pueblo Scarf featured on Buzzfeed this week!

        What a joy to wake up to a Buzzfeed feature this week that included our awesome Pueblo scarf!!! I'm so excited!! 

        Our scarf was featured for "the free spirit who’s always ‘gramming travel photos" - so true!! 

        Loving all these cute travel items - especially the cute little fox sleeping mask too! 

        You can see the full article here: 

        10 Dream Wish Lists For Every Personality Type

        Catch us on BuzzFeed today & SAVE BIG

        We woke up to a special gift - discovering that our scarves were featured on Buzzfeed!

        What a great Friday!!

        To celebrate we've added a gift pack to our store and it's a great deal!

        Buy 3 and save $15   


        Perfect for stocking up for the holidays. We chosen some of our most popular prints to be included in the sale!

        We're busy making the scarves all this week and next so go ahead and grab yourself a deal this weekend to help us celebrate!