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News — Las Vegas

Vegas Baby! We're Scouring Sin City for New Fabrics

Vegas Baby! We're Scouring Sin City for New Fabrics

Beth and I just arrived in Las Vegas to find new fabrics for our travel scarves!

It’s strange to be excited about a fabric sourcing convention, but we are stoked. We’ve learned a lot about textiles in the last three years since launching our first scarf collection, so we’re thrilled at the prospect of having access to the best fabric suppliers in the world. 

Our goal has always been to expand our secret pocket scarf collection to include varying styles at different price points for whatever adventure awaits. As travelers we know firsthand the importance of having a safe and secure place to stash your valuables while out in the world, which is why we want to put one of our handmade travel scarves in the hands of as many travelers possible. And the first step towards completing that goal starts with this trip to Sin City. 

Want to follow along on our Las Vegas journey? We’ll be sharing highlights and new fabric ideas all week on Facebook and Instagram.