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    Featured Scarves

    Here are some of our newest and most popular Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves ~ All our scarves are handmade in the USA and featured self locking zippers and double stitched/serged pockets for durability! 

    All of our scarves are handmade by me and our merry team of sewers! We also package and ship everything from our studio in Massachusetts. 

    This is the original hidden pocket travel scarf. I came up with the concept a few years ago when we were traveling full time. I was wearing a lot of leggings and had limited pockets but I always had a couple scarves with me on every trip. They are not only convenient but also safe - pickpockets have no idea! Great for travel, festivals, sporting events, student life, hands free living, work and more. Oh and you can fit a flask in the pocket as well. Just saying...