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        Heavy Weight

        Think hygge! Our heavy weight scarves are ultra warm and super cozy! Fleece, minky, flannels, heavy jersey and sweater knits - you'll find them all here! 

        These are the fabrics you want to pick if you are looking for something warm and cozy to keep you insulated from the cold. 

        Pick a heavy weight scarf if: You live in a cold environment, are traveling to a cold environment or your body temperature runs very cold. 

        Oceans Flannel Scarf - Speakeasy Travel Supply Co.
        $ 49.99
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        Organic Flannel Scarf ~ Heavenly Organic Flannel Scarf ~ HeavenlyOn Sale
        $ 49.99 $ 54.99
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        Rockport Flannel Scarf - Speakeasy Travel Supply Co. Sold Out
        $ 44.99 $ 49.99
        Unit price